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6:25 PM
Wolves in sheep's clothing


  • Yes, I think there are gangs that engage in trafficking in persons. NO, I have never met or talked to any. He has never personally met or spoken with God ... and yet believe in their existence.

      Yes, there are women and men who exercise their right to choose a trade, as reflected in the SPANISH CONSTITUTION in the following section:

And our choice is to exercise prostitution as a trade enables us to meet our needs.


Wolves in sheep's clothing

   During the past few months, I initiated a study relating to sex work, for which I decided to do some research on the web about it. For days I read, I wrote and reviewed hundreds of articles, interviews, press releases and studies related to prostitution and its origins, and because he was doing a research paper for editing own study on the subject, my eyes were fixed in sentence, which made ​​me change the course of my study. Under the subtitle of wolves in sheep. I leave you to read this "report" as well as web links to the original of each statement reproduced here.

Let's start argumentative APRAMP and contradictions.

According to this Association

  -. "New generations of women are becoming more aware of their bodies and their right to a satisfactory sexuality. But very few would call a phone contact to request a service. When you are forced to pay for sex, in any case choose someone around or a partner already known in advance and they are willing to be generous. "
  -. It is understandable that women turn to prostitution as the only source of income and have no chance of being recycled resist this kind of industrial re-conversion.
  -. From time to time arise testimony called luxury prostitutes who claim to have chosen prostitution to gain independence and get rid of bosses or working conditions intolerable. However, under this apparent choice other more realistic emerge: the need to make money fast to settle in another activity or effort to provide education to pay and their children. Not to also address some of these choices are based on emotional dependence on one of its promoters or apparent to the world of economic welfare in which they move.
  -. Sex tourism is another loophole in which some Westerners find refuge in general men but also women, to have easy sex, leaving a trail of money or favors in its path. Practice is ambivalent in some cases it may be a mild version of prostitution, as it can be a real attraction and often without intermediaries, even if economic objectives through. "

Association to use an abolitionist speech, recrimination and in total violation of human and constitutional rights of sex workers also ignores the equality between men and women. According APRAMP speech, all women in prostitution are victims of trafficking. However, in the above mentioned and Guidelines as well as other reports and interviews designed by the spokesman of the association. Dejan confirmation foreseeing that if prostitution is possible of free choice.
(My grandmother used to say, choose very well for you before deciding to others.)
    I am a person of rationing, but I can not understand the duality of vision from APRAMP. Or is believed or not believed, it supports or criticizes, punishes or praise, but the two things at once as it is not the most correct. If you say that there is evidence on the freedom of choice by sex workers can not immediately afterwards, devalue the word of those people.
    As a woman is free to say NO, it must also be free to say yes, without necessarily any less a woman, or ignored their choice. If you say that "the need to make money fast to settle in another activity or effort to provide education to pay for their children." Just as the choice attribute of prostitution "emotional dependence on one of its promoters or to the apparent world economic welfare in which they move. "Reaching even to acknowledge that" in some cases it may be a mild version of prostitution, as it can be a real attraction and often without intermediaries, even if economic goals involved. "

In each of the above statements emphasizes the free choice of prostitution as a profession. And are not my words.
    Another thing that struck me was the insistence on using offensive and derogatory terms towards sex workers. Consider:
  -. "It is understandable that women engaged in prostitution as the only source of income and have no chance of being recycled."
    As far as I know we are people, we can operate to change the physical, we can change the house to a better city we can change, for better conditions. But Recycle? No, they do nothing. As much as I roll the world only the objects can be recycled. They have a speech in which they attack right and left, without measuring, look at or review what they argue, ignoring the fact that it is relatively well-paying jobs and especially that they are adult choices. He refuses to be a free choice, attributing systematically "cheating", "external pressure" and "bad example" in violation not only some of the articles of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and as such I mentioned earlier, the address this association also goes against the statements in SPANISH CONSTITUTION.

    "If we could summarize in one sentence the content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognized in 1948, we have to focus on the right of everyone" without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status "(Art. 2) to be treated as such. and to be treated as a person is considered synonymous with being" endowed with reason and conscience "(Art. 1), ie, recognizing their right to become a valid interlocutor. "-Dolores Juliano1.
    "No patronizing or assistance proposal can override this basic right. Respect for other human beings as rational means considered and mature, as we consider ourselves, and to develop attitudes towards them open to dialogue and solidarity, taking into account that, as proposed by Touraine: "Solidarity is the opposite of assistance , which remains in a state of dependency and weakens the capacity to act. it rests on the recognition of the right of each and every one to act according to their values ​​and projects "(196) (Touraine, 1997) 2.

Reviewing concepts.
A sexual activity is not the work of most immigrants, but most sex workers are immigrants.
B If this activity is not recognized as a job, should fit into private options, and therefore out of the public debate and the police control
c It is an offense punishable under Spanish law, is punishable in practice more often and produce more expulsions and deportations that are related to real crimes.
D They were thrown into the hands of the networks that smuggle people, and when they found that they accessed through illegal means, it is considered that they have done against their will.
E Most of the cases who prefer sex work do so as a temporary option and comparative economic advantages are you about the other bad and poor choices offered.
  "None of this is taken into account in the abolitionist campaigns that ignore the economic factors that lead women into sex work, and read the whole process as an external imposition that must be saved to the protagonists. In this campaign to save women anything goes. The manipulation of statistical data to match the numbers of illegal entry with trafficking in women (simplification that does not occur when undocumented immigrants are men), confusion between sex work itself, with the conditions (bad and dangerous) in being done in some cases, identification of the human dignity of your use of their sexuality.
    There are things that are not free to do or not paying, because they are crime, or because harm others (steal, kill, cheat, discriminate). Anything that can be legitimately free (care work, leisure or sexual activity, for example) can also be made by charging for them. The fact of charging for something does not go up or down the scale of moral dignity. And of course, what makes a person worthy is its handling of moral values, truthfulness, respect for others, not what you do with your sexuality.
  Respect for human rights is treated in a nondiscriminatory manner, and to recognize their status as other interlocutors, it is time to listen to sex workers and stop talking on their behalf. "

A study performed by Alejandra Santos.

Citations used to perform this work.

1 Dolores Juliano is an anthropologist and directs the research project Bid (Line of Research and Cooperation with the Immigrant Sex Workers). "Human rights and sex work." An early version of this work was published in the "Conclusions" of his work Excluded and Marginal, Oxford Lecture 2004.

2 Touraine, A. (1997). Can we live together? Same and different. Barcelona: PCC.



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